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Waterproofing & Protection

Surfapore® uses nanotechnology to waterproof surfaces. The solution penetrates deep into surfaces to create a long-lasting protection up to 10 years, simultaneously retaining its breathability. Unlike traditional methods which merely coat over the surface, Surfapore® adds the attribute of water-repellence to treated materials, cement, brick, concrete and is resistant to wear and tear.Simply apply the water repellent and water-based solution on the desired surface such as cement, brick, concrete with a paintbrush to prevent moisture-related damages.

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Cleaning & Restoration

DeSalin® is an effective formulation for industrial or consumer use. It cleans and restores cement surfaces, mortar, grout, clay based surfaces, marble, granite surfaces and many more.

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Thermal Insulating and Waterproofing Paints

SurfaPaint ThermoDry® paints are high quality, ready to use waterproof paints that contribute towards the energy efficiency of buildings by blocking heat, reflecting thermal radiation and preventing thermal bridges. These waterproof paints also prevent moisture condensation and the development of mould and black spots on surfaces.

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Cement and Plaster Admixture

SurfaMix® C is an ideal admixture for exterior or interior masonry coatings, patch, repair and re-profiling mortars, mortar grout and can be use as an enhancing agent for adhesive materials when laying ceramic tiles and stones. It reduces surface dusting on floor screeds/overlays and can be used as a primer to improve the adhesion of surfaces. Furthermore, it reduces water absorption by up to 70% and useful as water repellent for cement.

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Self-cleaning & Self-Sterilisation

SurfaShield® formulation is a nanocoating that makes ceramic tiles, glass, enamel, porcelain surfaces Anti-Microbial and Self-Cleaning. This innovative coating of nanoparticles absorbs the naturally available surrounding light and is effective in continuously destroying pollutants and microbial that reside on surfaces.

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An innovative water-proofing method developed by NanoPhos.

SurfaGuard® Metals is a water-based, nanotechnology formulation that inhibits metal corrosion and rust formation even in extreme environments (e.g. marine, high temperature). When used, the metal surface becomes passivated and a 3D network of nanoparticles prevents corrosive agents from reacting with the metal. SurfaGuard® Metals is useful for metal corrosion prevention.

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Elastomeric Roof Paint.

The SurfaPaint ThermoDry® Elastomeric Roof Paint is a high quality elastomeric acrylic paint with thermal insulating properties. It is ideal for exterior use in horizontal and inclining surfaces. The Elastomeric Roof Paint forms an impermeable and elastic film with excellent adhesion that retains its elasticity even under very low temperatures. It is resistant to adverse weather conditions and has long lasting durability. Its fluoropolymeric composition makes it dirt repelling and easy to clean.

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